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Bedlam and help wanted

2010-10-12 07:48:22 by Dilarus

Info time!

The town warning labels is set in is "Bedlam", a city of restraint and freedom, a contradiction i know but read on:

Bedlam is a growing town being constructed around a gigantic bomb, whether the bomb is active or not is unknown and the residents seem not to care. the knowledge that death can come at any time gives people an uncaring attitude and they act however they want all the time. people's true feelings are released and whether they are crushed by depression or elated with vindication is up to them.

The main corporation running the town is the Rappy corporation, an uncaring faceless company determined to keep the townspeople blissfully ignorant as it sucks their money and privilages out of them, forbidding travel out of the town but keeping crime levels low through constant surveillance.

I'm hoping to introduce the town and it's inhabitants in more depth with future projects, and for people interested in seeing more - the next project is titled "Bedlam: Help wanted" and is in production now, watch this space!



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2010-11-06 18:30:32

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2011-05-12 20:56:06

Hey, there's a town kind of like that in Fallout called Megaton.