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What's next?

2013-02-25 10:56:59 by Dilarus

Okay, so currently I'm working on getting people together to make a short piece based on a poem called "Horsefeathers".

It's the story of a little girl left in the wilderness to die who has to learn to fend for herself until one day she stumbles upon her former home and decides to exact her revenge on the cruel mother who left her to her fate.

The piece is going to be silent (as in no dialogue) with emphasis on pathos through facial expressions and body language. As it stands I have a background artist and a sound designer onboard, all we need now is to find an animator looking to add to their repertoire by contributing.

Below is a sketch of the main character as an adult, having grown up alone in the wilds, drawn by myself.

So let's hope we can get someone interested and get this project underway!


What's next?


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