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Entry #6

Horsefeathers is in production!

2013-07-20 10:27:22 by Dilarus

Okay so Horsefeathers is underway. We are working on one scene in particular to use as a taster for a kickstarter project so we can get shiny new equipment and throw production into overdrive.

Here's a little snippet of said taster to give you an idea of the quality we're going for 5a44f4ee9e36ff115bfd

It will be completely drawn using frame-by-frame animation to give it that buttery-smooth look you know and love.

In other news our group will be called "welcome to bedlam" and we're looking to get a website and tumblr to give you daily, weekly and monthly content from panel cartoons to animated shorts like Horsefeathers. Be excited and thanks for your support!


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