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Horsefeathers is in production!

2013-07-20 10:27:22 by Dilarus

Okay so Horsefeathers is underway. We are working on one scene in particular to use as a taster for a kickstarter project so we can get shiny new equipment and throw production into overdrive.

Here's a little snippet of said taster to give you an idea of the quality we're going for 5a44f4ee9e36ff115bfd

It will be completely drawn using frame-by-frame animation to give it that buttery-smooth look you know and love.

In other news our group will be called "welcome to bedlam" and we're looking to get a website and tumblr to give you daily, weekly and monthly content from panel cartoons to animated shorts like Horsefeathers. Be excited and thanks for your support!


2013-03-04 09:54:35 by Dilarus

The full animatic is ready
watch it here 7fb260ad748b4bcb85aa

no sound as of yet, but it's on its way

From humble beginnings

2013-03-01 21:45:33 by Dilarus

And so it begins! So far I've had no luck finding an animator to help create Horsefeathers but thankfully I've had some great advice and support from my friends and family, not to mention the guys I'm collaborating with to make this (Akle and Nicklseye, you guys rock) and so, I've begun creating character sketches, storyboards and animatics in order to show that Horsefeathers is a work in progress and something we're all serious about making a reality.

So far we have a bit of media to show everyone so head over to the link below to visit my dropbox and see everything as it's being created and take a look at the poem that inspired it and the animatic for the intro sequence.

thanks for reading!

What's next?

2013-02-25 10:56:59 by Dilarus

Okay, so currently I'm working on getting people together to make a short piece based on a poem called "Horsefeathers".

It's the story of a little girl left in the wilderness to die who has to learn to fend for herself until one day she stumbles upon her former home and decides to exact her revenge on the cruel mother who left her to her fate.

The piece is going to be silent (as in no dialogue) with emphasis on pathos through facial expressions and body language. As it stands I have a background artist and a sound designer onboard, all we need now is to find an animator looking to add to their repertoire by contributing.

Below is a sketch of the main character as an adult, having grown up alone in the wilds, drawn by myself.

So let's hope we can get someone interested and get this project underway!


What's next?

Bedlam and help wanted

2010-10-12 07:48:22 by Dilarus

Info time!

The town warning labels is set in is "Bedlam", a city of restraint and freedom, a contradiction i know but read on:

Bedlam is a growing town being constructed around a gigantic bomb, whether the bomb is active or not is unknown and the residents seem not to care. the knowledge that death can come at any time gives people an uncaring attitude and they act however they want all the time. people's true feelings are released and whether they are crushed by depression or elated with vindication is up to them.

The main corporation running the town is the Rappy corporation, an uncaring faceless company determined to keep the townspeople blissfully ignorant as it sucks their money and privilages out of them, forbidding travel out of the town but keeping crime levels low through constant surveillance.

I'm hoping to introduce the town and it's inhabitants in more depth with future projects, and for people interested in seeing more - the next project is titled "Bedlam: Help wanted" and is in production now, watch this space!


New project

2010-10-12 07:22:06 by Dilarus

Ok guys,

im really happy at the positive responses we received about warning labels, jordan was a real delight to work with and did a wonderful job at bringing the piece alive.

i do a lot of work on paper but i fail miserably at anything digital, not to mention the fact that ive destroyed two graphics tablets with the same brand of energy drinks (always read the label) so it was a real treat to see my characters brought to life.

Anyways, if you likes warning labels youll be pleased to hear we're working on a follow up and possible series but im making no promises


New project